The Merchant Quarters

Contemporary Seaside Splendour...

The Merchant Quarters at Rennesouth, is a fully appointed designer unit on historic Main Street, close to downtown and a quick hop-step from the harbor’s edge. With rich interiors featuring reclaimed wood, marble and metal finishes, exposed brick and contemporary furnishings, this apartment is the perfect base for travelers seeking location, luxury and comfort in a modern, industrial-chic setting.


The Merchant Quarters pays homage to the rich history of the building and its surrounding area, which served as a bustling hub for shopkeepers trading goods from all corners of the world. With its stylish interiors featuring reclaimed wood, marble, and metal finishes, as well as exposed brick and contemporary furnishings, this apartment will appeal to travellers looking for a modern vibe with complete amenities.

2-4 people

2 bedrooms

950 sq/ft

1 bathroom